Color chart abbreviations




Download your Pink Swann Hair Color Chart for wigs and weaves!

Ever wonder what those color abbreviations mean when purchasing hair weaves and wigs? You no longer have to wonder! This basic color chart for wig & weaves is exactly what you need to select the correct wig EVERYTIME! If you found this chart useful, read our blog post “12 Hair Extension Terms You Need To Know!”


Never second guess a wig purchase again!

You’re shopping for wigs online and, BOOM,  you see the exact style wig you are looking for! But wait – What color is 8-H16? Are there highlights, or are the tips colored only? Refer to this Pink Swann basic hair color chart for wigs and weaves, and purchase your wigs with confidence that you are choosing the perfect color wig EVERYTIME. Pink Swann is here to help with exact definitions to those abbreviations so you remain confident with each wig purchase!

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