Head-lock wig mold tool


299 in stock (can be backordered)


Create exact head molds for wig making in just two minutes!

No tape, No saran wrap, no measuring! In just two minutes, create an exact hard plastic head mold for custom wig making!

With this Pink Swann “Head-lock” wig-making tool, your clients will appreciate and enjoy the experience of choosing you for their wig-making needs.

Give your client a Hollywood Experience!

Everyone will want a custom wig made from you when you use this head mold tool for wig making! Create many different styles for the same client without ever needing to re-measure your client! You can create an extra stream of revenue by selling customers an exact replica of their head mold for DIY wig-making at home.

Comes with:

  • Frame
  • One heating plate

To purchase extra heating plates, click here.

Use this “Head-lock” tool once, and you will know!

Pre-order your Head-Lock Tool Today!

Official Launch

Bronner Bros Hair Show, Summer 2021

Saturday, August 28, 2021.

MSRP $300



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