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How to price your products for your beauty business

You’re finally ready to invest in yourself and start that beauty business you’ve always dreamed of! You’ve decided on a name, check! Determined which products you want to sell, check, check! You’ve even got support from family and friends already – But even they want the best deal for their buck. So you purchase this e-book on Pricing for your Beauty Business, and you feel super confident with all the skills you’ve learned! So confident, that you went from $0 sales in to $1200 in sales in just one week! Following the steps outlined in this e-book, I noticed an incline in my numbers within the first week!

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I went from no sales, to an average of at least 9 sales daily; 6 website views in one week to over 1.1k website viewers a day – my website even crashed few times! Dry spells will be a thing of the past! Download this ebook if you want to:

  • Increase sales & customer engagement
  • Gain new customers & subscribers
  • Master pricing strategies!

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Want to work smarter and not harder?

Pink Swann has taken the hard work out pricing by providing you with these Pre-formulated Pricing Sheets, pre-set prices at three different price margins, for your business needs!



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