Lace frontal 13×4 wig price sheet



Setting prices for lace frontal closures has never been easier!

Take the guess-work out of setting prices for lace frontal closures when you invest in these Pre-formulated Pricing Sheets for your beauty business!

Buy One, Get One FREE!

Download includes three files:

Two pre-filled pricing sheets with wholesale pricing in lengths from 8 inches to 22 inches for our 13×4 lace frontal closures and 13×4 lace front wigs, Plus THREE pre-filled pricing point options.

Plus Pink Swann Pricing Meter, the key to pricing for profit.

Choose your profit margin

Each wholesale pricing sheet is calculated using Pink Swann’s base wholesale price.  Next to each wholesale cost, you will notice three different pre-formulated prices. These pre-filled amounts represent the main profit percents used in beauty business, as outlined in the Pricing for your Beauty Business Free Online Class.


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